About Amity Beane 

Florabeane Flowers, the paper kind, are made by hand in Dixfield, Maine, by me! I've always been a maker and a doer.  My parents raised our family on a farm; flowers were one of the cash crops. Hours in the field honed my powers of observation.  In many ways, I learn visually, and with my hands, because of that childhood on the farm. I began to find my way as a paper artist under the tutelage of Bernie Vinzani at the University of Maine, Machias. In the book arts program, we made paper, printed it, painted it, bound it, even marbled it! I fell in love with paper.

Real life began after that, and I worked in education for fifteen years.  In addition to doing research funded by the Recovery Act  for my master's degree, I was an art and Spanish teacher, service trip coordinator, and finally a program coordinator for the development of a middle school curriculum in science and social studies.  For fun, I coordinated a photo club, curating two photography shows. 

In January of 2016, early in a much-longed-for pregnancy (Zoe arrived in June!), I  discovered a whole community of paper flower makers.  Finding this craft seemed pre-destined: while dying paper and cutting petals I lost all sense of time, and those difficult months of gestation turned into useful, tactile studio sessions that soothed every sense. Highlights: a healthy, happy baby, a profile in the Bangor Daily News, paper flowers at Gardens Aglow, and over a dozen custom orders sent to wonderful, amazing people in all corners of the US.  

I'm still learning and growing as an artist, and invite you to join me in discovering the beauty of paper flowers.

My botanical styling with flowers I grow myself is also a part of my business.