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  A complete list of supplies and vendors

Papers (subtitutes fine)

180 gram crepe in the following (one roll each):

Amazon Green 16A/8, Black 602, Bright White 600, Green Leaf 572, Lime Pulp 566, Lemon 575, Tiffany Turner Distant Drums 17A/3,Tiffanie Turner Koko Loko 17A/2,Tiffanie Turner Pretty Pinkish Rusty Red 17A/6, Tiffanie Turner Olive Green 17A/8, Tiffanie Turner Rose and Peach Ombre 17A/7, Twig 567


26g white paper covered or cloth covered wire

18g white paper covered or green cloth covered wire


Clear glue, hot glue, Modge Podge in a pot

Coloration (substitutes fine)

Pan Pastels in Magenta, Hansa yellow and Green Yellow

Ranger Inks in Wild Plum, Copic Marker in Ocean Green


Krylon UV Floral Spray, Modge Podge Matte Spray


Towel, paper towels, rubber gloves, rubbing alcohol, stapler, cotton balls, card stock, ruler with centimeters, permanent marker, foam brushes, multiple small glass jars or metal jar lids for sorting, coloring etc


US Vendors

Papers: Carte Fini, Paper Flower Supplies

Glue: Walmart is where I purchased my clear glue and glue gun and you can also get Modge Podge Matte

Scissors: Chikamasa can be searched for online and look for the best price - wire cutters are found at Paper Flower Supplies

91% Rubbing Alcohol: I find this in the pharmacy section of stores in the US; as a substitute vodka can be used.

Coloration: Pan Pastels and Ranger Inks in Botanical and Wild Plum (the inks can also be sourced from Paper Flower Supplies and other vendors)

Conservation: Walmart has the UV spray I use; a good substitute is sold from Paper Flower Supplies. Think sunscreen for your flowers. The Modge Podge spray can be found there also.

UK Suppliers courtesy Sue Webb

Pan Pastels: Jacksons Art Supplies (by post or shops at Dalston (London), Fulham (Putney Bridge Station, London) and Quedgeley, Gloucester or Amazon

Crepe Paper Italian 180g: Floristry Warehouse (although not ombre colours) - I managed to get 17A/7 on Ebay (too expensive to import direct from Carte Fini (USA) or Cartotecnica Rossi (Italy) - I understand Sue at A Petal Unfolds is starting a new business (Petite Petals) selling paper but not sure when she will start trading) 

NOTE: Some papers have different names in the UK so always go by the paper number to get the right colour

Alcohol Ink: Crafty Charlie or Amazon

Mod Podge spray: Amazon, ebay

Krylon UV Floral Spray: Amazon (I've found Lyson Print Guard which is a UV, water-resistant lacquer also works)

Rubbing Alcohol: Amazon (Isopropyl Alcohol is not available over the counter in the UK. What we can buy is medical grade Ethanol in the form of Surgical Spirit)

Tacky Glue: Aleenes/Elmers School Glue - Hobbycraft or Amazon 

Chickamsa Scissors: Amazon

Wires (paper covered): Hemilworth or Sunrise - both available by post at A Piece of Cake, Thame or Amazon (PA Sugarcraft)

Please list your favorite international suppliers below with a link to their country and online store.

Please list any other vendors for supplies mentioned above with a link to their online store.

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